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We believe the world has been robbed of great stories — that's why we're working hard to discover lost gems that have been undervalued or forgotten.

Lost And Found is not a typical festival. Our mission is to give new life to great work that has been through the circuit and is sitting on the shelf. That is NOT the fate your film deserves!

We also screen a showcase of great content that is poised to delight, entertain and inspire.
Why we exist
Did this happen to you?

  1. You made an awesome short film
  2. You submitted it to film festivals
  3. You waited a year or two for the cycle to complete, maybe got some nominations or awards, then...
  4. Nothing really happened.

We're filmmakers too, and this is exactly what has happened to us!

Our purpose

We created Lost And Found to breathe new life into your work in two ways:

  1. Providing a platform to give existing work a new audience
  2. Offering our top films a contract with an innovative new project that provides ongoing commissions for killer short films.
Your Reward
We want to offer prizes of decent value, so here's what you can win at Lost And Found:

  1. $1,000 cash for Best Film (that's cash – not a voucher to a store on the other side of the world!)

  2. Up to 6x spots with a new project providing commissions for short films – all Finalists are in the running

  3. Awards category:
    - Best Film
    - Best Director
    - Best Actor (this is non-gender specific)
    - Best Cinematography
    - Best Production Design

  4. Official Selection, Nomination and Winner laurels.
Event timeline
28th Feb 2022: Festival opens for submission.

1st April 2022: Early bird deadline. Early bird entry USD$10

29th April 2022: Regular submission deadline. Regular entry USD$15

7th May 2022: Late submission deadline. Late entry USD$25

16th June 2022: Finalists announced

6th July 2022: Festival event date
We'd love to consider your film for our festival.
Before you submit, make sure your work meets our eligibility requirements.

Early bird submission entry US$10

Films must:

  • Run between 6-15 minutes

  • Not have been submitted or screened in festivals since Dec 2019

  • Be works of fiction – no documentaries

  • Have fewer than 100,000 views if you have posted them online, e.g. to YouTube or Vimeo
Questions? Contact us on
Submit your short film
Please complete the form below to submit to the Lost And Found Film Festival.

You will then be redirected to a second screen to finalise payment.
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